Thursday, 21 May 2009

Angles and Demons

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Angles and Demons in the cinema, it was amazing. I loved every bit of the movie and it is now definately one of my favourite. Here is a short trailer for it:

As you can tell by the trailer, the movie did have quite a lot of blood and murder but I still thought it was great, it had lots of suspense and the plot was fantastic. I was already reading the book when I went to see it but I had still not finished it and now I regret going to see the movie before finishing the book. Although it did ruin some suspense I still couldn't put the book down because the book was a little bit different to the movie (but it did stick to the main parts) and I really wanted to know how the book ends. As usual when I compared the book with the movie I thought the book was better but I think that is mainly because of the time factor they had to consider in making the movie and so they couldn't fit everything in it.


  1. It was much better than De Vinci Code (the movie)


  2. Hello,really u coerced me to see the film.the trial is sooooo attractive,and I hope to find the book to read in.Nice topic
    hope to be frinds
    c u

  3. Thank you
    Yeah, it's a great film and book